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Christian Journal, Volume 2, Numbers 34-37, November, 1843

This is a sixteen-page weekly. The page numbers for November are 161 - 224.

The DCHS copy of Issue 34 is very fragile, with missing areas.

Robert French Ferguson (1790 - 1862) is editor. Samuel M. Scott (1777-1852) seems to function as associate editor but is not so identified.

Notable items in the issues for this month:

- Proposals for publishing two new periodicals: the Christian Review at Nashville, Tennessee; the Christian Advocate & Messenger at Jonesborough, Tennessee.

- death of the "Voice of Truth" edited by "Friend Bailey"

- Henry T. Anderson responds to a Methodist, Edward Stevenson

- Anderson, in two replies, addresses J. W. Cox's views on Ordination

- Cox holds forth on "The Spirits of the Age"

- R. C. Rice reports on a debate between J. B. Lucas (Reformer) and Mr. Wilson (Methodist)

- the case of Presbyterian William R. Preston, who communed with "Reformers," fills pages 193 - 200

-T. J. Melish writes on "The Missionary Spirit"

- "Thinker" writes on Organization

- Carroll Kendrick writes on "The Duties of Bishops"

- J. W. S. Merrill reports on a trip to Alabama and Mississippi

- John M. Bramwell explains why he was concerned with W. J. Barbee's views toward Universalism

Publication Date



Christian Journal


Harrodsburg, Kentucky


Robert French Ferguson (1790-1862), Christian Journal, Weekly Stone-Campbell Movement Periodicals, Samuel M. Scott (1777-1852), Ordination in Stone-Campbell Movement, William James Barbee (1816-1892), Josiah W. Cox (1821-188), John M. Bramwell, J. W. S. Merrill, Carroll Kendrick, Thomas Jefferson Melish, William R. Preston, R. C. Rice, J. B. Lucas, Henry T. Anderson

Christian Journal, Volume 2, Numbers 34-37, November, 1843