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Written To

Isaac Errett

Written by

Robert Richardson

To Address

Detroit, Michigan

From Address

Bethphage, Virginia


Robert Richardson wrote a letter to Isaac Errett in 1863 touching upon some current events: (1) Errett's controversial "Synopsis"; (2) efforts to produce a new hymn book to replace Alexander Campbell's long standing hymn book; (3) lagging profits caused Alexander Campbell to consider no longer publishing the Millennial Harbinger.

Transcription by

James L. McMillan


Unpublished Letters of the Disciples of Christ


Unpublished Letters of the Disciples of Christ, Millennial Harbinger, Alexander Campbell's Hymn Book, Robert Richardson, Isaac Errett, Josiah Wright Cox, Synopsis of the Faith, American Christian Review

Robert Richardson to Isaac Errett, December 31, 1863



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