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Watkins’ studied grasp of the eucharist (Lord’s Supper, Communion) shaped his thought of it as a fellowship with the living Christ, bringing renewal to the church—and in his writings, his teaching, and in his pastoral ministry, Watkins deemed the eucharist as the focal point of liturgy. He believed the eucharist to be the key to understanding the catholicity of the church—the center of the one faith—and the core around which unity could occur. The eucharist, determined Watkins in Eucharist and Unity, is the means of recalling the sacrifice of Christ, of recovering a fullness of the meaning of church.

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D. Duane Cummins is visiting scholar in history at Johns Hopkins University and has served as interim president at Brite Divinity School. He is president emeritus of Bethany College in West Virginia, former president of the Division of Higher Education for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), former interim president of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, and author of several books on Disciples history.