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Edward J. Robinson sums up what motivated him to write To Pave the Way for His People: A Life of Preston Taylor in his prologue. Robinson writes concerning Preston Taylor, “He was arguably one of the most prominent African American leaders in the Progressive Era and was unquestionably the most visible and influential black man in the Stone-Campbell movement from Reconstruction to the Great Depression. Yet regrettably, his story has been buried beneath the sand dunes of history. This work seeks, therefore, to rescue Preston Taylor from historical obscurity and place him on the pedestal of acclaim, with all his successes, faults, and failures.” In the opinion of this reviewer, Dr. Edward J Robinson has more than succeeded in exhuming and rescuing Preston Taylor from historical obscurity.

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Rev. Dr. William “Bill” Lee is a former moderator of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and was the longtime pastor of Loudon Avenue Christian Church in Roanoke, Va.